Our Story

We created My Life Collective so our clients don’t have to endure a difficult life change alone.

We understand what our clients need and how they feel when life is challenging.   That there is worry and uncertainty. Sadness and fear.

We help our clients move past a painful time as quickly and smoothly as possible.  We do this by putting them at the heart of the journey and building trusted support teams around them.

Why? Because, we know that change needs planning and the outcome depends on the quality of the support.

The Partners

Are the individuals who sit at the heart of the Collective – supporting your needs and managing your journey.

The four Partners have very unique and diverse life experiences. Together they offer valuable global connections, knowledge and access.

They are responsible for building your support team. The will put you first, providing an exceptional personal experience throughout your difficult journey.  They manage every aspect on your behalf – from the legal and financial process to your living arrangements and personal well-being.  Delivering a holistic and collaborative approach to ensure your entire situation is taken into consideration.

Click here to read more about Dominique, Claire, Kate & Brent.


The Collective

Are a carefully collated group of exceptional industry associates who will provide everything you need to support you through this time of change.

After fully understanding your specific requirements and preferences we will match you with the right professional, facilitate the engagement of their services and manage the process from beginning to end.  From the best lawyers and financial advisors to property consultants, boat designers, private staff, life coaches and school consultants we have an enormous network of exceptional associates with insights and experience of working with discerning Individuals from around the World.

If you want to be considered as a potential Associate please contact us here.


Our Clients

Are all experiencing the impact of a significant life change yet what they are looking for from our life management service varies.

For some clients our strength lies in the connected and all-encompassing approach to the support we offer during a difficult time.  What matters to others is the access we provide to exceptional professional associates.  We also have clients who see the main benefit of our life management service being the end result  – how we give them back the luxury of more time.

  We deliver a tailored and highly personal service to build a professional client relationship based on trust.

If you are interested in working with My Life Collective and becoming a client find out more about how we work here.




We will provide an exceptional, tailored, client service experience – with empathy at the heart of how we manage your journey.


We have built our offering on the philosophy of ‘trusted teamwork’  – with the belief that we are stronger together.


We provide access to an exceptional network of professional associates – whose knowledge and expertise is tailored to your needs.


We embrace technology to manage the centralisation of all relevant information and communications – ensuring you are always informed and in control.

Who We Are

The Partners

Kate Kirkman

Client Management | Marketing & Brand

Kate started her career in London in fine art publishing followed by joining the marketing department at ITV.  Her next move was to Lambie Nairn, an International brand agency, working as a Client Director specialising in advertising and branding for international media clients including the BBC, ITV, FIFA and the UK Government.

10 years ago she became a professional photographer working with well loved stars of the stage and screen. Kate was a high profile figure in the UK, representing both Nikon and Sony as an Ambassador as well as being a magazine columnist, contributor and a speaker at industry events.

Brent Kirkman - Partner at My Life Collective

Brent Kirkman

IT Management | Finance

Brent started his career as a navel officer in navigation and logistics.  After leaving the Navy he has spent 30 years in global IT, architecting systems for the fashion, media, news and retail industries.  Using his extensive IT experience Brent has created a modern and efficient client management system to ensure that both the client and the wider Collective are always fully connected and informed.

Brent is a also a filmmaker and has represented Sony as a European Imaging Ambassador creating work for the Royal Palaces and celebrity clients.


Kate and Brent got married in 2018 and by doing so became a blended family of six   Kate’s divorce from her ex-husband took over four years and resulted in court proceedings relating to the financial order.  Brent got divorced in South Africa and opted, regrettably, to go it alone without legal advice    They both learnt a huge amount about divorce, legal systems, the financial implications and ongoing reality of co-parenting and step-parenting.  They use this experience to help their clients understand the journey, timelines and issues surrounding divorce – particularly where children are concerned.  Kate is an Associate Member of Resolution.


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Coming together is a start.  Keeping together is smart. Working together is art. 

– Dominique Ventura