Guidance concerning

Bereavement & Children


Death in the family affects everyone. Children, in particular, need to be thought about even if it is a difficult time for the whole family. All children need to be allowed to grieve the loss of a loved one but some will require more specialist care and professional help with managing their emotions. Bereavement is a process, not a single event, and so a child’s adjustment can occur in stages. We can help provide support with exceptional professionals that are perfectly suited to your children’s individual needs and requirements.

For some children the death may result in some significant changes to the life that they knew – perhaps a house or school move. We will help in any way we can to ensure that any transitions are as smooth as possible and remove any unnecessary stress for all involved.

Clearly we grieve the person we lost, but what many don’t understand is that is only part of it.  We grieve who we were together, all that we shared, and who we were when they were here. We grieve all the important things they have missed, and will miss. We grieve the future we were supposed to have together.

– Joni Roberts