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Bereavement Legal Advice


When a couple divorces, whether amicably or not, there are often serious issues that need to be resolved regarding children and finances. This is why many people seek professional legal advice.

We will support you through the legal side of your divorce – managing the process with legal experts who are leaders in the field of relationships and family law.

Once we understand your individual circumstances we will begin the management of your legal journey by ensuring you are represented by the best, most suitable, lawyers.   Court and solicitor negotiation is not the only option to resolve cases where couples can’t agree.   We will make sure you understand all of the dispute resolution options including mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, private FDRs and even the unique ‘one couple, one lawyer’ approach.

Together we will help you understand what lies ahead, what decisions will need to be made and the possible timescales involved.

Our joint objective will be to minimise uncertainty and emotional turmoil whilst securing a fair outcome to enable you to start a new chapter in your life after divorce.

The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.

– Margaret Carty