Help with

Living Arrangements Following Bereavement


A bereavement can result in many lifestyle changes including making the huge and difficult decision to sell your home or other property. We can manage all the administrative and legal requirements as well as all relevant technical checks through our network of specialists relating to buying and selling property including house hunters, property consultants and residential conveyancing experts.

We also offer support with all aspects of home management through our network of exceptional specialists and tradesmen; for example builders and architects, interior designers and landscapers.

We can manage any specific needs you may have for household staff including housekeeping services, gardening and maintenance, estate and facilities management, house managers or private drivers. We can also take care of practical living arrangement tasks like utilities, security and insurance.

Clearly we grieve the person we lost, but what many don’t understand is that is only part of it.  We grieve who we were together, all that we shared, and who we were when they were here. We grieve all the important things they have missed, and will miss. We grieve the future we were supposed to have together.

– Joni Roberts