getting you through to the other side

how we work with our clients


We build and manage elite, trusted, support teams for people experiencing a difficult life change.

We are committed to providing an exceptional, tailored, client experience with empathy at the heart of how we manage your journey. This is only possible by understanding your individual circumstances and needs.  Because, no two client journeys are ever the same.

For clarity we have created 6 key service areas with our Collective Associates.  Some clients need a support team that spans all areas and others just need us to focus on solving very specific problems.

Legal  ~  Finances  ~  Children (& Co-parenting)

Living Arrangements  ~  Coaching & Support  ~  Health & Lifestyle

Introductory Conversation

The best thing to do is reach out and let us know your situation and how you (or your client) are feeling – uncertainty and overwhelm are common in these difficult circumstances and we can explain how we can best support you through the journey.

You can choose to work with us on a monthly retainer basis which gives you 24/7 access to our support service.  Significant life changes are hugely demanding on your personal time and require an enormous amount of administration – an extra burden we will relieve you of.  Alternatively, we can offer an hourly rated service for clients with very specific requests.

Knowledge Gathering

The first step in the process is for us to fully understand your individual situation,  requirements and preferences in a holistic sense. It is a critical time of knowledge gathering and we will begin the process of collating all the necessary paperwork and information relevant to your circumstances. We will agree on which service areas we can support you with and which are an immediate priority.  You will be given access to a secure virtual digital room (VDR) which we use to manage the centralisation of information and documentation.  We can then, with your permission, allow our Associates controlled access to all relevant documentation.

Building Your Associate Support Team

Once we understand your situation  we begin the Associate matching process – recommending the best and most appropriate professionals for your circumstances.  Once you have chosen who you would like to work with,  we will define the journey ahead with an indication of timelines and estimated management and Associate fees for services you have asked us to engage on your behalf.   From the best solicitors and financial advisors to property consultants, private staff and life coaches we have an enormous network of exceptional Associates with insights and experience of working with discerning clients.

Personalised Life Management

Once your journey begins each client will have access to our bespoke My Life Collective App which allows complete visibility of all active services, timescales and costs.  Clients can also use the App to request additional services.   We embrace technology to deliver an efficient service but our management style is highly personal and you will always have direct 24/7 access to talk to us at your convenience.

Our Goal

To create a trusted team to walk with you to the top of the mountain and ensure you are emotionally healthy, in control and informed every step of the way.   Because, the mountain has to be climbed and the experience and outcome of the journey depends on the quality of the support and effectiveness of the team around you.


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how we manage your journey

Knowledge gathering

This intensive period of fact finding enable us to understand your requirements and preferences and how we can support you through your journey.

Associate Matching

We then match each client to the most appropriate asscoiate for their circumstances – providing an indication of timelines and estimated fees for services. 

MLC Technology

Each client will have access to the MLC App and a secure VDR to enable centralisation of all relevant information ensuring you are always informed and in control.

We offer a totally unique life management service for those experiencing a significant, and often sudden, change in their circumstances.

Coming together is a start.  Keeping together is smart.  Working together is art. 

– Dominique Ventura