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A divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can feel like facing a mountain and it is perfectly normal to feel hugely overwhelmed when a relationship breaks down that will significantly change your life. My Life Collective are here to offer a life raft of services and emotional support to take you through the journey. We are much more than just a divorce consultant or divorce management service because we support our clients through every step of the journey and not just the legal one.  We know that having a better understanding of what needs to be done – taking the entire situation into consideration –  helps to ease some of the stress and confusion you may be feeling.

Divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership can affect all areas of your life because you will need to make some big decisions on your journey to a fresh start. If you have children the end of the relationship will almost certainly have a significant impact on them too. You may find yourself having to deal with disputes over how to divide joint assets or possessions and arrangements for your children. You might need to move home and reconsider schooling options.  We are also going to make sure that you look after yourself.  Divorce ranks second to only death regarding the level of stress it generates in a person’s life.  Whatever you are faced with we are here to support you through it with the help of our associates.

Below you can see an overview of the areas where we can provide specialist legal, financial and life management for divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership. After fully understanding your individual requirements and preferences we will match you with the right professionals, facilitate the engagement of their services and manage the process from beginning to end.  We use the latest technology to ensure efficient communications and secure document storage and sharing.

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