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About our Collective of Professional Associates

The Collective are a carefully collated group of exceptional industry associates who will provide everything you need to support you through this time of change.


We understand that a significant life change can turn your world upside down.  Because there aren’t just legal and financial implications but also practical and emotional ones.

Our clients usually feel overwhelmed and under pressure to make decisions – both large and small – but they might not know where to turn for the best support.  We manage everything from legal representation and financial advice to living arrangements and issues relating to children and family life.   Putting you at the centre of the journey and ensuring you feel in control and in the know with an incredible team around you.

After fully understanding your specific requirements and preferences we will match you with the right professional, facilitate the engagement of their services and manage the process from beginning to end.  From the best lawyers and financial advisors to property consultants, yacht designers, private staff, life coaches and school consultants we have an enormous network of exceptional associates with insights and experience of working with discerning Individuals from around the World.

These are the 6 key service areas that we represent whether you are experiencing a divorce, separation, bereavement or resulting relocation back to the UK.


Legal  ~  Finances  ~  Children (& Co-parenting)

Living Arrangements  ~  Coaching & Support  ~  Health & Lifestyle


If you want to be considered as a potential Associate please contact us here.


Coming together is a start.  Keeping together is smart. Working together is art. 

– Dominique Ventura