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Excerpts from emails with clients that they are happy to share:

The fear has gone!

I don’t just feel like a different person but I am a different person and the fear has gone!  I can’t tell  you how much stronger I am dealing with S – he doesn’t recognise this confident woman who isn’t afraid of money anymore.   After all the worry and uncertainty it was such a HUGE relief to settle the finances knowing that the kids and I were going to be just fine.

Thank goodness that all of the support and information allowed me to emotionally let go of 

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the house and move on.  The kids are hugely excited at the prospect of moving and I feel much better knowing that my living expenses will be more manageable.  You have built a power team around me and I feel like anything is possible. Even a healthy co-parenting relationship!

I know you know how grateful I am.  But honestly I couldn’t have done it without you.

L Anderson

I don't feel anxious - just excited!

I can’t truly express my gratitude for helping us get back together and rekindle our marriage. I can now see that the separation was necessary for both of us although it was so painful at the time.  I’m still amazed that it was R who suggested that we renew our vows for the 20 year milestone!  We are both so excited to be planning the trip of a lifetime with you and the children are so much happier.

But to the real news!  As a family we have decided to move to Devon and have the deadline of next September because L has said that she doesn’t want to board for sixth form.  Prepare yourselves – we need your help with the relocation and the school moves.  But for once I

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don’t feel anxious, just excited!  What a change from when I first contacted you.  I remember being quite unsure of how I was going to tell you what I was feeling inside. I felt so lost, like I had failed at marriage. But from that initial call, the warmth I received from you all helped me enormously and I was able to open up and express my fears. I didn’t feel rushed, or a burden, I felt a sense of ‘finally I have found a place that hears me and doesn’t judge me’.

I will always be grateful that Dominique’s unique coaching related session let me see where the real problems lay between myself and R.  I can now see that the marriage was salvageable and it was me that needed just as much work.  I had lost my sense of self and purpose with the children being teenagers and away at school.  I truly look at life quite differently, so thank you. 

I have a feeling that you will be part of our family  life for some years to come!

B & R Taylor

I can't thank all of you enough

I wanted to let you know that I’m now just happy to wake up in the morning and look forward to the next day.  For so long I’d find an excuse to go back to sleep. And when I finally got out of bed, my first reaction would be to take my medication. Your coaching, your kindness, your support has finally given me some peace and acceptance.  Of course, I still hurt, but I can manage the pain, without the medication, and now I have the tools to control my emotions. I’ve got the strength to keep going positively. I understand that I will always hurt and will never truly get over D.

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I’ve learned a lot about grief. My coach has made me understand my anger towards life. And life, unfortunately, isn’t always sweet. At 19 D had a lot in front of him but I’m learning to celebrate his life. Once things are normal again, I want to have a party. Full of joy and laughter because that’s what he loved.  I still have bad days and there are tears but my coaching has shown me that it helps to release my emotions.

I’m working on the decision about the Estate and will let you know.  I’m leaning towards selling and getting something smaller which feels like a big step in the right direction. You know that my son was everything to me, and I can’t thank all of you enough, at MLC for helping me begin a new life without him.

Lady R

..wanted to just let you all know how happy we are.

I’ve finally come up for air and wanted to just let you all know how happy we are.   The children are both loving the new school and settling in really fast.  Thank you for all of the help with that enormous decision – of them all it was the biggest one for me.

As you know the renovations are nearly finished and the house is quite transformed – I’m loving seeing the whole vision coming together.  I have to say the teams have all worked together brilliantly so thank you for managing all of that.

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​So far so good with the parenting plan – I think we are both surprising ourselves and the children have made the transition really smoothly.  I’m rather enjoying having some weekends to myself and the training sessions with L are really paying off!

I’m feeling ready to get back to work so I think it’s time to begin the search for a Nanny and there is talk of a dog (!).  But first I think we all deserve a holiday and I’d like some help with ideas – it will be the first time it’s just the 3 of us and I don’t want it to feel strange. Can you give me a call to discuss all of the above?

C Franklin

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Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come. 

– Ron Kaufman