Support With Bereavement


Bereavement means the period of mourning after the death of a loved one and is often a time of enormous emotional stress and vulnerability.  It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing a death in the family because there are a great deal of practical issues arising that need dealing with.

My Life Collective are here to offer help and support in the many areas that you will need to take care of – we know that having a better understanding of what needs to be done helps to ease some of the stress and confusion you may be feeling.  Many people require specialist legal or financial assistance when dealing with probate and we can help find you the right specialists for your circumstances.

When someone dies there are many practical tasks that need to be dealt with and we can remove this burden. We can notify all of the various organisations about the death – for example the Government, health professionals, financial personnel, banks and utility companies etc. Once you have considered plans for the funeral and with your full direction we can manage the arrangements on your behalf.

Below you can see an overview of the areas where we can provide specialist bereavement and life management support with the help of the Collective.  After fully understanding your individual requirements and preferences we will match you with the right professionals, facilitate the engagement of their services and manage the process from beginning to end. We use the latest technology to ensure efficient communications and secure document storage and sharing.

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Clearly we grieve the person we lost, but what many don’t understand is that is only part of it.  We grieve who we were together, all that we shared, and who we were when they were here. We grieve all the important things they have missed, and will miss. We grieve the future we were supposed to have together.

– Joni Roberts